Lauren has fantastic taste, knows when you should spend some real money and when you can go cheap. We agree on much of what is important when it comes to style: start with quality classic pieces and build from there. Trends come and go and Lauren does her homework so she would never recommend something that isn't current or fashion-forward. I have a troublesome body shape and Lauren was real and honest yet experimented with me. I tried and LOVED things I wouldn't normally because of her fabulous eye. You'll wish you could stash her in your closet, but the next best thing is to first, work with her and second add her blog to your favorites!
-Sarah A.

Wanted to send a big shout out to Lauren for helping me get ready for a function at my hubby's work. Thanks for giving me the confidence to know that yep even being almost 8 months pregnant I could still rock a belt, which I would have never tried! Also a HUGE thanks for styling my hair and teaching me the " how to" on curling it:) You ROCK Lauren, keep up your God-gifted talent:)
-Sarah V.

Lauren Becker not only looks like she jumped out of some high fashion magazine on a daily basis, but she takes into consideration your personal style and what makes you comfortable, and transforms you into the best version of yourself when styling!
-Kayla R.

Shopping with Lauren was fun fun fun and a wonderful learning experience. I was beefing up my wardrobe as an anniversary/back to school gift from my husband, and Lauren showed me color, as I was primarily donning jeans and t-shirts, and gave me advice on how to move pieces from one outfit to another. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to see what she does next! I already have a new fashion board on order and I'm giddy with excitement as to what Lauren will envision for me this time. I absolutely recommend working with Lauren.
-Robyn S.