Tuesday, April 7, 2015

it's not you it's me

Guys, I'm taking a break. Gradually, over the last year and a half, I've been losing my desire to blog. I love to write just as much as ever but the time needed to do it well has escaped me, and there continue to be other opportunities to explore where writing is concerned- and I want to do them.

It's not like this needed said written, I get that. This is really more for me than for you. I like closure. :) And I don't know if this will be a final close or just a season..... but for now I want to fold up the ole' laptop and move on to something else.

So for now I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing your comments. Thanks for getting in touch with me when something stuck your heart. I dream of a day when I can pick up the blog again but do it daily. I sure loved it. But I don't like doing things that I can't do well. And I'm not doing the online thing very well these days.

Maybe I'll see you once small people begin to head off to school. Maybe there will be a random post here and there. Maybe the breakup will last for a whopping two months and then my fingers will be itchy.After all, you've treated me so well. It's not you- you've been great to a gal. It's me. I just need a break. Things like tee ball and soccer are calling my name.

It's Becker Style, out.

1 comment:

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