Saturday, March 7, 2015

it's been a long time comin'

As I sit here watching the snow rapidly disappear from my now-swamp-like back yard I find myself barely able to breathe, so great is my anticipation of spring. Not just spring the season, although that in itself will be a huge relief, but I feel like it is the spring of a new chapter in life. My husband JUST completed his MBA, which began immediately after the completion of three years of work for his Bachelor’s degree. After five years, I’m ready to have my husband back. I’m ready to spend my evenings and weekends with my best friend. I’m ready to look forward to a weekend instead of feeling like it’s just another week day. I- no WE- feel free.

I’m excited for other things, too. I’m seeing freedoms that come from kids being slightly older than they were before. I love knowing that our new-baby days are behind us. Don’t misunderstand me; those days are inconceivably sweet. But we have been in them almost endlessly for the last four and a half years, and the thought that we only have a year or so left to be tied down by mandatory naps makes me excited. I’m excited to travel. I’m ready to explore with my kids. I’m ready for a more flexible schedule. And for kids to dress themselves! Can I get an “Amen!? Come on, Henry.

I’m excited because our budget/savings/retirement finally all look the way a responsible adult’s finances should. Full disclosure: finances- well, the responsible stewardship of them- never came easily either one of us. And finally we can see the victories we have made standing all lined up in a row. Finally we are on top of the mountain that seemed unconquerable a decade ago. We have developed big-boy words like “discipline” and “self-control” and “wisdom.” Those words are monsters, I’ll have you know. They aren’t fun to acquire and they aren’t easy to become. Nor are they fast. But they finally can be used to describe the handling of our money. And golly, I like it.

So drip away, winter. Melt away snow- both the figurative and literal kinds. I’m ready for the sunshine and for new growth and for the beauty of fresh beginnings. Heck, I’m ready to send my kids outside!!!!!!! We all have better days that way.

And don’t you think it’s perfectly symbolic the way winter gives way to spring? I think it’s so poetic that the weight of white and cold that keeps us bound inside for a season is the very thing that melts and gives way to growth. It’s the water from the snow that distributes into the soil and prepares it to welcome new blooms.

How’s that for perfect design?

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