Saturday, January 3, 2015

the power of a password

I read an article earlier this year about a man who found success by changing his passwords and using them to keep him focused at achieving his goals.You can read the original article by clicking here.

I read the dang thing this summer and it has stayed with me for months- that's when you know it's good! So, resolutions for the new year and everything, I decided that I would put it to use this year. Spending the first five hours of 2015 (slight exaggeration, admittedly, but think about how many passwords YOU have!!)  I went around and changed every password for anything and everything to reflect my goal. I won't tell you exactly what I did's not that I don't trust you but. Don't worry. "It's not you, it's me." So while I won't give you mine, here are some examples of some you could use this year:

Callm0mM0re (using zeros for the letter "o")

We'll see how it all pans out. I'll tell you that the one I'm using is related to a certain spending plan and, let me tell you,  it's an effective deterrent when you have to log on to your J.Crew account by reminding yourself to be good. I have already given my past self a few middle-fingers for this "great idea" but it's working.  Day 3 and going strong baby!!!!

Sooooo look, I nominate we end 2015 now. That way we all stick to our goals, we write every resolution off as a success, and we go back to the glory of our former worse selves. Forget all this "new leaf," "self-improvement" mumbo jumbo.

You in?


I figured.

Thanks for nothing, you guys. I'll be sure to tell you to put the new boots down and hold you accountable to your resolution.

Okay, I can't even joke about that. I'll never tell you to put boots down.

I need to stop now.

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