Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bo Peep's Bonnets

You can count on 4 things. 1)I love clothes. 2)I love being unique. 3)I love unique clothes or wearing clothes a unique way. 4)I love wearing unique clothes for a good cause.

And Bo Peep's Bonnets is the perfect collision of all those things.

You can go to their website at if you want the whole story, but the basic gist is this: Danielle and Leslie knit beautiful, unique items (think hats, scarves, cowlnecks, and headbands for men, woman, and children- even matching sets for parent/child!) through their Etsy shop. When you purchase an item for yourself- they ship hats to patients suffering hair loss due to illnes. Pretty cool. You get a beanie, folks like chemo patients get to stay warm in a beautiful, FREE way.

This is personal to me because Leslie is a close friend of mine from our college years. She has been there through life moments like weddings and babies, inspired my fashion sense, and always had a bohemian joie de vivre that draws people to her. So when she teamed up with Danielle, who started Bo Peep's, it popped up on my radar. They sent me a box of some items and asked if I'd be willing to play around with them. I said sure- because who doesn't love to play with pretty things?!

I have already posted two of the pictures on my Instagram feed, for those of you who follow me THERE. So you may have seen the first two items on their test run. But it bears repeating. ;) The first piece I tried out was the Earwarmer Turban, linked for you HERE. I love it because it doesn't make the rest of your hair flat like wearing a regular beanie does, and wearing it lower around the head like a turban headband makes it more like a current fashion statement instead of the earwarmer-headbandy-thingy I wore skiing as a kid.

The second item I "test drove" was the Slouchy Knit Hat. I love me a good beanie. I own no less than five in many different colors. And this one has both the perfect length behind the crown as well as the perfect slouch factor. They make all of these items in many colors, and you can find the link directly to the hat HERE.

And my absolutely FAVORITE treasure in the box was the Triangle Scarf. I just haven't seen anything like it in stores. This is where the whole "I love unique things" comes into play the most. It's soft and knitted like any scarf, but it looks edgier. I have worn it out many, MANY times because these crazy-generous girls told me to keep it. (They even adjusted the design when I said I was having a hard time keeping it from sliding- the scarf now comes with buttons so that it stays exactly where you put it.) And the fun part about this scarf is the attention she gets! EVERY time I walk into a place-choir rehearsal, the post office, the local pizza joint- people comment on it. And I get to tell them how the can give hats for people who are having some rough days while supporting the business of two hard-working mamas. The link for the Triangle Scarf is right HERE. Pictures below, naturally.

So listen. I asked how many hats would be donated if someone were to spend $40 at their shop...their answer was 4. Four hats. They cover shipping. And the folks who need them can ask for them directly, or friends/family can nominate them. So spread the word, 'k? Even if you don't need to buy a beanie now. You may know someone who could use one. But even better, go buy a beanie. Or a GORGEOUS cowl neck scarf. Or a cute flower beanie set for a mother/daughter photo shoot. This world can use a little more good in it, and these girls are doing their part.

Be a part of their part. 

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