Saturday, October 4, 2014

those dang blasted oils

Soooooooo, I'm a little bit crunchy and a little bit not. I live somewhere in between the two often-times-warring schools of thought: embracing vaccines AND holistic/natural healing. I think medicine is necessary and great- but I also think we can do a lot to heal our bodies without it! And around May I made my first purchase of doTerra essential oils.

Since then, I've been testing their worth. I want to see what they're made of and whether they deserve all the hype they're getting. So I started by applying them topically. And every hit from allergies, bug bites and wonky cold bugs received a figurative "fist" of oils as I battled back. And... I'm pretty happy with them! They haven't proven to be miracle cures for anything in my life, but their effects certainly compare to the meds that can be taken for all the things we have tried them out on. So that's a win in my book. Of course the true test, in my opinion, will be this winter. Dear flu bug: please don't come here.

Along with applying the oils topically, they can be ingested (taken internally) or diffused into the air. About two months ago I had the opportunity to test out a diffuser from Sarah, a friend I have made in the online oils community. She is a Registered Nurse and mother of four- soon to be five! On facebook she goes by the name "oilRN" and always gives out helpful tips that I greatly appreciate. And as luck would have it, she was looking for people to try a diffuser at the same time I was looking for a diffuser to try! So I volunteered to give my honest feedback in exchange for the chance to try one of the most-recommended ways to use oils.

Working the diffuser proved to be easy! There are two buttons: the power button and the timer button. I can live with that. You can choose to either have it run continuously, which is what I did in bedrooms when I was addressing some symptoms, or set it to function on a timer that spans 24 hours, which I did in our common living area for a boost for our immune systems. 

I took my time before I reviewed it. I needed to see what I really thought of it. And I always enter this kind of stuff with a skeptic's heart. I expected nothing. But truthfully- I find the diffuser to be one of my favorite ways to use oils. During my trial run, I tested immunity boosts in our main living space: it took the cold that was going around and lasting for several days, and made them less-than-24-hour bugs. I used the Breathe blend and found it provided relief for allergies AND cold stuffiness every time. And when Roman got a fever, I put an antibacterial/fever combo in the diffuser and his fever left sometime during the night. And stayed gone.

So I'm pretty in love with this new black machine in my home. I liked it so much that I will be grabbing diffusers for every bedroom. Healthy family, happy mom.

When I let Sarah know that I felt I had enough experience with the diffuser to let you know what I thought, she offered the chance to get them on sale if you purchase them through her! Go to or email her at to take advantage of the discount. She is offering 20% off with the code "heels20" and that's mighty kind of her. I'm going to have to start adding to my collection now, I think.

Thanks, Sarah, for the chance to keep learning about oils, for your quick replies to my questions via email, and for the chance to find my way in the world of diffusers. I'm beyond thrilled with my discoveries.

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