Friday, October 31, 2014

more on 2014-2015 style trends

So in the previous blog post, I talked about the biggest fashion trend right now: grunge. Distressed denim, flannel shirts, and lots of oversized anythings. BUT that doesn't mean that's the only option for those who want to be current in their style. It's just the biggest one! But there are also a few other options!

Instagrammer @TRUELANE wearing the trends: American (Aztec), grunge (oversized cardi and black jeans), 
athletic (baseball hat), and preppy (stripes).

Preppy. A classic. Always in style. Think leopard print, cable knit sweaters, and corduroy. Use bright colors in fun combinations or stick with the classics. It's all good here!

Athletic. As in baseball hats, but with a current twist. Think flannel or leather or monogram. Make it a little dressier and pair it with a blazer and pair of jeans. Hello, great solution to a bad hair day.... and yet it looks like you still made an effort.

American. Yes, kind of like American Indian. So: leather, fringe, aztec prints, moccasins, and the like. And the best part? It's sooooo comfortable!!!

Now here's where it gets interesting: mixing trends is a beautifully successful way to create your personal style. I love to mix grunge with American. Or athletic with preppy. For example, a camel colored cable knit sweater goes really well with a black leather baseball hat. And my fringe ankle moccs are fun to wear with a haphazardly-tucked flannel topknot and lipstick. So what is that? Three trends in one: American, grunge, preppy?

And the combinations are endless. So what are you waiting for?

Do YOU. :)

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