Saturday, October 4, 2014


Okay, so I said it yesterday on facebook but I'll say it again: I LOVE INSTAGRAM. In my life, it's become a faster, more inspirational way to approach fashion and stay updated on the trends. I follow people of all budgets who provide links to the pieces they wear, I see pieces worn by those who have the same style I do, I find new ways to wear the pieces I have, and I get to filter it all: people with my style and my life-stage. Or not! And it's such a fun community. I have made insta-friends with several women around the world and it's always fun supporting each other: drawn by love of fashion or love of our sons or love of food!

I have a whole folder on my phone dedicated to screen shots of outfits I love- and when I'm in a funk and don't know what to wear in the morning, I scroll through those pictures to find something that rings my bell that day. And while I still poured over every page of the fall fashion issue of InStyle, I certainly find more success and more inspiration from those personal photo blogs of stylish PEOPLE.

Here are the girls I cannot get enough of: (you can click on their names for a link directly to their insta-page)

Curated Cool, my favorite Aussie:

shalicenoel, THE most stylish mama I can find on the world wide web:

Damsel in Dior, a style guru in L.A.:

aninebing, a mom slash model slash designer on the west coast:

marissawebb, the new fashion director for Banana Republic:

And last but not least is truelane, a stylist from Minneapolis:

There are others, but these are the handful of women that inspire me most of all.

These aren't the only gals out there, though! Need recommendations?

For those of you with a preppier style, I will send you to kerriemburke, moodygirlinstyle, amcates, and seersuckerandsaddles.

If you consider yourself to be a sleeker, less formal version of preppy, check out couldihavethat and hellofashionblog.

So listen, now that I have told you my favorites, shoot yours my way and help a sistah out! After all, one girl's favorite is another girls.....also favorite??

Lauren, out.

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