Friday, October 17, 2014

fall/winter 2015- the style issue


So listen.

I've been trying to simmer down the "must have" trends of fall/winter 2014 since InStyle's Fall Fashion Issue came out months ago.... and it's just hard because I don't need to re-write the issue and go over EVERY trend out there. If that's what you want, just go get the mag! But I also leave a lot out if I only tell you my favorites. So we are going to play a little game. I'm going to spew out words/trends/must-have items for this fall and winter, and then I'll try to attach a picture to it for those who are visual.

But really it all boils down to this: we are channeling the 1990's, folks. Sure, that means things like overalls, mom jeans, baggy flannel, Birkenstocks, and Doc Martins are back. And if that fits your style, then that's easy! But if it doesn't, you're going to have to work a little harder if you want to embrace the trends while staying true to your own style...which is what I would consider my ultimate goal for myself.

I find my favorite way to incorporate these trends is to mix the torn, worn, and oversized with preppy or uber-feminine. This keeps me from feeling like I need a bath at all times, YET I am able to stay current and wear things in a fresh new way for me since the first time they came around.

So, here is how I have translated that for my closet:

Distressed Denim. (i mean really distressed. think massive holes.)

Black Jeans (rock 'n roll, baby)

Boyfriend-style Pants (pants, cords, etc. because 1990's grunge is most definitely not fitted)

Oversized Chunky Sweaters (all the better for tying around one's waist when you get too hot)

Loose Flannel Shirts (you can still keep a great silhouette if you tuck the front, creating a visual waist)

Fun Baseball Hats (jcrew or forever21 have great versions of these!)

Floppy Hats (great for a red lip with a baggy sweater)

Stacks of Petite Jewelry (doesn't matter the metal. but put a ring on every finger and a stack up your arm)

Chelsea boots (pick black to go with your black jeans! grunge, ya'll.)

Loafers (of ANY kind- laces or penny.)

And your fail-safes: leopard, leather, fringe, and fur. On repeat.

And here is a Fall-Tip-Freebie: when you wear ankle boots, you MUST roll your jeans. Jeans should hit 2" above the top of your ankle boot. You don't want the jeans floating up in the high heavens, nor do you want them to touch the top of your boot!! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand: GO!


  1. I just can't do some of these. It hurts.

    However - loving the flannel! And I just purchased my first pair of straight leg/skinny jeans, but I think after wearing for a few hours they stretch out and fit more like a boyfriend. Good to know about where they should hit - what's the rule for flats? Still 2 inches?

    Also, even though I hate some of these trends, you still look adorable. I'm convinced you can pull of anything with enough confidence and intention.

    1. Haha you don't have to do them all! Just the ones you love 😁 and congrats on the skinnies! Of course I want to see a pic! And with skinnies and flats you can wear jeans straight down OR cuffed. Whatever!