Friday, July 11, 2014

For today

You know what? I spend a large part of every day being totally, 100%, wholly and completely overwhelmed with gratitude for my days. 

For my life. 

For the people with whom I spend my days. 

For the things I have which make the days more fun. For my profession. For the house I get to upkeep. For the money to pay bills and a little bit more. For, as cheesy as it sounds, the freedoms and life this country provides. For it all. 

Do you ever find yourself so smothered in gratitude that you think, "if anyone ever heard me try to express this I'd sound like a lunatic- or a liar." 

As I sit here watching a baby sleep and boys play, these are the thoughts that keep me company. 

And sometimes those blessings are so good, I am tempted to think, "It can't possibly stay this sweet forever. What horrible tragedy is going to strike that will squash this sweetness?" 

But then I quiet ugliness that threatens to turn my gratitude to fear. Necessarily. Because those things aren't for me to be concerned with. My "to do" list for the day is simply to be grateful. 

And so I am. 

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