Friday, June 13, 2014

to the weary mama

I see you sitting there, mama. I know your heart is weary and your body is worn. I know your days are long and you wonder briefly, though for the fifteenth time today, who is going to take care of you after you're done taking care of everyone else. I know you have wiped too many diapers to count and the number of times your name has been yelled through the house is driving you crazy. I know you wish someone would tell you that you look pretty today, or that your workouts are paying off. I know the thought of alone time makes you salivate more than the thought of the chewiest cookie, but the thought of a chewy cookie {now that you mention it} doesn't sound too shabby. I know you wish there was someplace you could curl up and someone would say to you, "Precious one, lay right here. Let's just spend time together. Let me fill your cup. Let me take your burdens and lighten the load. Don't worry about all the things on your list that didn't get done today- that's what tomorrow is for. Just come sit. Be still. Rest."

I know that because that's me, too.

And I know that reading those words makes you cry because writing those words makes me cry. Because that's what we both need right now.

I want you to know that God is saying those things to you. So go lay down your burdens. It's okay if a box of mac and cheese is dinner tonight. You don't have to save the world. You have only to rest. And I know just the One who can hold you.

Sending hugs, friend.

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