Thursday, February 13, 2014

the beauty series- part 4

Well, well. Greetings from snowy Virginy! Today is part 4 of the beauty series we have been walking through, and I see it as the end to our first section. Tomorrow's post will begin our second section- the practical application! And we are going to start with how to purge our closets of the things that shouldn't be there, so that we can later talk about what to fill it with, and how to pick it out. Sound good? Okay, then. Let's wrap up section 1, shall we? :)

I call today: so how does it all fit together?

Now that we know 1)we are created to BE beautiful, 2)the Bible doesn't define one specific standard for outer beauty, 3)though we ARE inarguably beautiful on the outside, that doesn't matter one iota when determining our worth because 4)God has already determined our value to be can we now turn around and talk about what we wear? "But Lauren, I would think that doesn't matter since I am beautiful no matter what I wear."                  Right????

To that I say, "Yep! Absolutely!" What you have on isn't what will make you beautiful. But whether we like it or not, the truth is that there are certain pants we can put on that are unflattering... this means there must also be pants we can put on that ARE flattering! Why not be informed so that you are aware of both of those options? We have to put pants on anyway, right? Now, I know some of us enjoy getting dressed, and I also know some of us despise the fact that one is required to put on each day. While the thought of a nude colony may be appealing to some, let's hold off on that for a while. I think I can make it easier for the second group of people to get dressed. Stick with me. And I think the first group of people can be inspired to think about whether the choices they are currently making are the best for their body type, and get some new ideas for ways they can mix things up. That's my hope, anyway. So I'm brushing off my "stylist" hat and getting ready to put it on. Tomorrow. :)

Today I want to make sure our perspective is right. Think of getting dressed the same way you think about decorating your house. We all have a house- our physical bodies, as well as the building where we sleep at night. One of those we decorate with couches, and paintings, and televisions, and lamps; the other we decorate with pants, and shirts, and accessories, and shoes. That's all this is. We aren't assigning your worth to those pants, we are learning how to best decorate our body-houses.
(haha, we can take a minute to make fun...I heard how lame that sounded. But I'm not taking it back. So there!)

See you tomorrow, friend. Stay warm! :)

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