Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Today looked like:

1)polenta. I've had the kind that is more solid when it's served sliced in dishes, but never the ooey gooey kind. Then I saw my friend Brooke pin this one day and I decided it was time to end the never-haves and move on to the been-trieds. The link is HERE if you find yourself wanting to try it for yourself. :)
It was wonderful and fantastic and splendid and other such words you save to use when describing such things. Go on, try it. :) It passed the taste test of all four folks in this casa.
2)#NYFW. I've been watching as all "my fashion peeps" on instagram that I pretend to know head to NYC for Fashion Week. Yeehaw! Kind of wishing I could slip into my own pair of just-above-the-ankle, pointed toe boots, black skinnies, too-cool-for-school baggy white tee, moto jacket, and fedora. Go ahead and do that for me, ok??
3) ridiculous brothers. While working on a task, I hear Roman burst into tears from the living room. "Liam ate my snack!!!!" he sobbed while in great distress. (This is not new. Liam eats food. Lots of it. Guard your grub with your life if you're serious about ingesting it.) So I said, "Liam Michael, you cannot just take people's snacks without asking! You need to tell Roman you're sorry." "Sah-ee." Liam sputters, as he tries to form words around the none-too-few pieces of Smarties now filling his mouth from esophagus to teeth, snack pieces and spit flying out of his mouth in tandem.
I had to turn my back to hide the burst of laughter that exploded across my face. Say I have no compassion! Say I'm a horrible influence! These events fill my days and I am obligated to find pleasure in these moments so as to not lose my mind!!! And that, Dear Watson, struck my funny bone dead in the center.
4) early hearts. Tonight Jerry handed me a box and said, "It's your early Valentine's Day gift....I think you need it now." Turns out a Microsoft Surface tablet and keyboard with a note on the top that made me feel like I have great big things to do and a strong support right behind me can be pretty touching. Wanna make a girl feel like you believe in her? Show her in a way that is bigger than she was bold enough to dream of for herself. What a man I have.
You see, I feel like you and I, whoever YOU are, have a special date planned for this month. There are some things we need to talk about, some points of view we need to digest, and perhaps some lies keeping you on lockdown that need to be kicked to the curb. And I believe this is the month we are to do that. Yet I was having a hard time finding a way to make that happen, since our only computer is taking Jerr hostage for school work during the evenings and weekends. But that's a problem no more. The blogging window has been opened wide!! So consider this your warning. We'll be chatting, you and I.
Not too bad for a lowly Wednesday, me thinks.


  1. OK, local-not-in-person pal of sorts, #4 brought tears to my eyes. That is what we do in this small tribe, we make women's/people's lives happier. Whether you make a living or a friend doing it, it can turn the giver into the receiver and make what seems like a cheap e-connection into a real friend. I have several friends that I have never met I person but I speak with regularly by phone and they are tastemakers in the blog and art world yet they took the time to connect with me... and so it goes.

  2. Love the orange keyboard by the way!