Friday, February 7, 2014

an introduction.

So let's begin, shall we?

But first, some facts:
-I was made with a fierce desire to contend for women's hearts. I want to tear through chains, obliterate lies we believe about ourselves, unleash power, inspire passion, and equip each woman to live a life worthy of the calling she has received. I have a sword. If you don't know where you have put yours, let me wield mine for you. We'll go pick yours up, together.
-I think all women are CREATED with beauty, strength, grace, determination, dedication, a desire to fiercely protect those near to their hearts, and hearts full of passion.
-I believe the word above that most women struggle hardest to believe about themselves to be true is BEAUTY. Proof: the speed at which most of us could list at least one or two things she would gladly change about her physical appearance. Some of us can list more than 2. Some of us struggle to find one thing we believe to be beautiful about ourselves.
-I believe God made us to be beautiful, and I'm not just talking about our insides. Screw our insides for a minute. He made you beautiful on the outside, too. I'm going to prove to you why that's true.
-I believe there are many (all?) women who struggle with not feeling _____ enough. Fill in your own blank.
-I BELIEVE THE THING IN YOUR BLANK IS A LIE. God made us to be enough. We're going to deal with that sucker later.

A note: I know there are those who read this blog and don't share in my belief of God. That's more than okay! In fact, for about three seconds, I debated writing this series in a way that steps around that, but I can't do that. (I won't do that?) God is the filter through which I see everything, the way I understand everything. And while there will be segments ahead that talk simply about fashion, things to have in your closet, etc, this first segment is dedicated to what God has to say about beauty- to the place beauty can have in a Christian woman's life. Because I think we are hungry for it. I think there is freedom we aren't walking in. And that needs corrected in some hearts. And before we can talk about how to dress your body, you need to understand why your body isn't the thing that needs fixing. Not your thighs, not your hips, not your belly or your chin. So even if you don't share my views, you're welcome to ride along. We won't stay here, but we are going to spend some time here. I just wanted you to know that.


  1. Love it! I've been inspired by the same thought lately. Many of us are trapped in a cycle of believing the lies the enemy has spoken over us. I look forward to reading more about this on your blog!! <3

    1. Nicole,

      I have seen your fb project in pictures about beauty, and I love it!! Such a great project. Love your hear, my friend. xoxo

  2. Truth! Thank you for sharing Lauren! I've always had a hard time accepting compliments because of "heart" issues that took root at a young age. Last Sunday as I walked into church someone gave me the nicest compliment about my appearance. It was a morning that I struggled to feel beautiful as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I later thanked her for reminding me that the devil is a LIAR! Although we may not always feel like it, we must believe that we ARE beautiful in His sight :)

    1. Nemesy, you are INDEED beautiful- and it's not hard for those of us who aren't behind your eyes to see! I love that you were able to identify that for what it is: a lie!! keep going!!!!