Saturday, February 22, 2014

i pinned it, now what?

It was sometime in the fall of 2006. A handsome young lad had asked me to marry him (on stage, right after i finished singing at my senior recital, in front of my college faculty and friends. so dreamy, right?!) and I was happily purchasing every wedding magazine I could get my hands on. Oh, the days before Pinterest..... it's like that is our technological equivalent to "back when I was a kid, I walked to school barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways...." And I tore out the few gowns that made my heart stop and my mind dream and slipped them into the page protectors of my wedding notebook, saving them for the day I would shop for the one. The gown, not the guy. I find guy-shopping to be a rather unfruitful endeavor. You just can't find good ones off-the-rack. What's this? A fashion joke? Oh, Lauren, you slay me.

[It's at this point I'm beginning to wonder if I don't need to edit my thoughts before they become typed word.]

Anyway, finally the day came and my sister and I walked into the first boutique, right up to the saleswoman. I was a determined woman! "Hello. I'm looking for my wedding gown for next fall and I brought my notebook and I was wondering if you could help me find the perfect gown. Oh, by the way, it has to stay in the three-figures." And so she smiled, entertained by yet another wishful bride full of psychotically-specific hopes and dreams for a gown. And she flipped through my five-or-so pages of gowns. And what came out of her mouth next changed the way I went about understanding my personal style for the rest of my days. "Oh," she said. "I can see you like the mermaid silhouette, lace, and unique details. All of these dresses have those things in common. We'll start there." Or something like that. You should know I can't quote anything to save my life. Paraphrasers of the world, unite! *fist bump*

 ("THE ONE"- both man and gown)

But guys!!!!! That's when I realized it!!!!!!! It's a fairly common problem to not know exactly what our style is- and so our closet ends up being a conglomeration of a million different styles, making it hard to make one cohesive wardrobe that all works together. BUT, I think most of us can easily identify when we like an outfit or when we don't. SO what if we took the pictures of the outfits we liked, printed them, hung them on our closet door, and used that whole big group to identify our specific style!?!? All of a sudden, we realize what silhouettes we are drawn to, what pieces we just like time and time again, and what colors we continue to find beautiful... and we go buy those!? Oh, the things that can change!

So you pinned it/taped it/printed what do you do with it? 1)find out what all of your outfits have in common and 2)make that your shopping list!

And yes, I'm dead serious. Go clothes shopping with a list. I swear by it. All of a sudden, you aren't in a store trying to decide whether you have anything at home that will work with that piece. All of a sudden, the money you are spending is going to pieces that you need. So you can stop thinking "I wish I had ____" only to get to the store and go, "Now what did I need???" I hate that feeling so much.

So print, tape, and analyze those pictures! Make that list! And sound your mighty "Yawp!" [Dead Poet Society fans, anyone?? Bueller?] For today, we plan. But tomorrow, WE SHOP!

P.S.If anyone else immediately noticed that "We shop" 
sounded a whole lot like the previous "Yawp" reference, 
and found joy in me. 
We are clearly soul mates.

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