Friday, January 3, 2014

the steps of change

And just like that (well...4 hours later!), the ombre is back, baby!!!

This is the picture I took as soon as I got home from the salon, in the average lighting of my bedroom, so there isn't much to see in terms of color. I realize this. Here is the view from the back that my hairstylist took at the salon after finishing:

Oh, THEEERE is the color. Hello, ombre. Your caramel-y goodness is just what I needed. I was dying for some change, for some pampering, and just general color back in my life. Confession: the bangs scare the ever-living daylights out of me. See, I had these terrible bangs in elementary school (didn't we all?? i mean, really...) that were thick and blunt (and actually, now that i think about it, were exactly what I was doing to my bangs the past month or two. now i'm concerned about my perceived better judgement.) and so bangs in general always scare me because visions of bad bang days gone by dance through my head instead of what should be sugar plums.

So, as I sat in the chair and heard Tina say, "Hey, can I make your bangs shorter? It's just that you have these eyebrows that I think could really work with a shorter bang...think Zoey Deschanel." and as I battled the image that then flashed through my mind of Little-Lauren wearing brightl purple workout suits that swished when she walked, a collision happened. My brain said, "Oh, heeeeeeeeck no!" but my mouth said, "Sure! Do whatever you want!" (Uuummmm?!?!?!?! As a side note, my mouth is now in timeout.) But that's how the bangs happened.

And so of course the normal progression of the steps of change went through my mind:
Step 1- vehemently hate new change and promise yourself you're never doing anything like this again.
Step 2- decide you don't like them but you no longer want to throw up a little bit every time you see your reflection.
Step 3- admit that they aren't so bad, and maybe they don't have to be pinned back every day for the next three weeks as they grow out.
Step 4- start to think that maybe it WAS an okay change, since change is always usually a good thing....and actually maybe they will look reeeeeeeeeally stellar with a top knot or ponytail.
Step 5- learn to love it and how to wear it in the most flattering way possible.
Step 6- hear your mouth, now out of timeout, telling the stylist that you'd like the same thing again. (mouth is again in timeout. but this time it's only for two minutes.)

I imagine it to be sort of like the stages of grief, or the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous...except this is the steps of change. Right now, I'm on step 4. :) Tell me I'm not alone!

Alright, bring it in for a landing, Lauren. All of that to say- the change feels good. Four hours in a salon chair is like therapy. I'm super happy with it....maybe even all of it?! And life is going to smell like roses or look like roses or be like roses in whatever way things do when they just plain rock, because tonight Jerry and I leave for the weekend to go to DC and the grandparents are hanging with the kids. We are going to be free! Free like birds! And we are going to sleep in, and meander through museums, and eat long, leisurely dinners the like of which we haven't seen since 1995. Or a year that feels at least that long ago. And it's going to be grand

So enjoy your weekend. I can't wait for mine.

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