Monday, January 13, 2014

storing the crown jewels

Okay, so remember that one night where I was having a dilemma about jewelry storage? I think I have a game plan.

Since we left HI, I haven't seen all of my jewelry in one place at one time. Not even once! I know, it's tragic. I have trouble breathing some days.... And I'm ready to change that. But here is the thing: 1)I have little people who are very curious and would be more than happy to destroy my pretties. 2)I don't have room in my closet to hang them all on the wall. 3)I have to do it in a way that the man who shares my bedroom will approve.

I'm thinking:
Sorry, I know she's a little blurry. I tried to blow it up so it was easier to see. But here is the link to where I found it through Pinterest. Heck, while we're at it let's just go plum crazy and say here is the link to my Pinterest page! Getting wild up in here!! (why do I always find myself wanting to say "#amiright" after literally every sentence i write!?)

I even have a little wall bump out thing in my bedroom that is the size of this mini-wall here, so that's where I'm going to build her. Now, let's be honest. Those necklaces that low are ASKING to be used like the chimes in a great symphonic work. And I only have a pair or two of earrings (I know..what happened there?!) So I'm thinking sections get switched around a little bit. Necklaces go to the very top- and definitely get color-coded like these are. That is so pretty. Makes them look like art. #amiright  (See!!!! It totally works!!!) Bracelets stay in the middle. And can we puh-lease talk about how gorgeous/genius it is to use vases and cups to hold bracelets?! Thrift store trip happening STAT. White spray paint when necessary. And then at the bottom where the necklaces are, I'm thinking I'll find some way to put art or a picture of our family? Large and colorful enough to balance it all out visually, but safe enough that the only thing I have to worry about is finger smudges on glass instead of beads in a baby throat. Lovely picture, that.

So anyway. That's the plan. And I'm sharing because it's different that the usual ideas I have seen floating around. And beyond a rack, some vases, and two shelves, it won't take much to make happen. If this isn't you, though, and you are still looking for the perfect way to organize your own stash, here are some other ideas I saw and thought were pretty:

May you be inspired! 

What do you use to organize your jewelry?? I'm especially curious to know what those of you do who have a tremendous amount of statement pieces like I do. They take up waaaaaay more room than the pretty armoires can handle. 

#amiright? ;)

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