Wednesday, January 22, 2014

snow day plans

Ah, snow. :) When the weather men got serious about precipitation amounts, we got serious about preparation. Most people go out and buy milk, bread, and shovels in the face of impending doom.... we went to Ikea the night before the storm. (Is it bad that we don't own a shovel?? Maybe that should have been first on our list instead?) Hey, if you're going to spend a day inside and off work, you might as well put it to good use, no?

And so, snow day numero uno consisted of playing musical beds for Becker boys.

Roman drew the long straw, so he got the new bed, Liam got his old one, and Henry gets the crib. It was a day of power tools and boys jumping on mattresses many times over. I thought my favorite part of the day was going to be the satisfaction of having Henry's room a step closer to being ready for him. No. Maybe my favorite part of the day would be getting to rearrange furniture? Nope. Not that either. As lame as it sounds, my favorite part of the day was watching Jerr let Ro and Liam help. Not pretend help. Not "hand me that screw" kind of help. But taking the time to let them painstakingly deliberately put the power drill in exactly the right spot to line up with the screw, to then gain the reward of pushing the button and watching the whir- and just like that, again and again, the frame was constructed. It took forever. But the boys were really helping. And learning. And hopefully we not only raise good helpers, but men who are able to build things and enjoy doing it, to boot!

  (The trunk- aka that short thing down in the corner to the left of the pillows- worked great as a night stand when he had a toddler bed. I think I'm going to get two wooden crates to stand side-by-side underneath. It will lift the trunk high enough to still be used and provide more storage for bedside lasers and masks, of course.)

  (funky light, but snow days aren't bright- and what else do you expect from a bedroom primarily decorated in reds??)
Since Liam's and Henry's rooms (Liam and Henry's rooms?) are still works in progress, aside from their "new" beds, I'll keep the pictures limited to Roman's room this time.

It was long and work, we did. But we're calling the day a success. This is all the proof you need:

And in closing, this picture must go down in the annals of Becker history, because the relationship between Roman and his superhero masks is something that I want to hold on to forever.He may be forced to take it off while he goes to sleep, but his Papa's flashlight and green mask cannot be out of arm's reach, even in slumber. Stay this age forever, sweet boy. If not in this world, at least remain here in my mind.

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