Tuesday, January 28, 2014

and one time i had daughters

I'll tell you what, it's totally different having two girls around than two boys. But I'll take it!!!

Sunday afternoon we met at our church parking lot and picked up two girls from a Teen Mania team. Our church was providing host homes for their group of thirty or so for a few days until they were ready to head on to the next Acquire the Fire event. Dude, it was a little bit like I won the lottery. All of a sudden I had females to girl-talk with, hands to buckle kids in car seats, shopping buddies to gallivant beside (twice!) and company for meals. It was a blast.

If only I had photos...but alas, the photo shoot that occurred was starring Liam and was on one of their phones. But they were great fun and rumor has it that we were the best host home they have had yet, beating out VEGAS. That may be the only time a visit to my house trumps a trip to Las Vegas. Understandably so!  Excuse me while I do a little victory-butt-bump with myself. I'm blaming it on the Hot Cheetos I bribed them with treated them to. 

I'll tell you what, though. I have been skipping through life feeling pretty young and immature, convinced that I had no more wisdom behind these green eyes than I did in my college days. You know what I mean. Raising children blindly reminds you hourly of the plethora of information you just don't know, and the confidence of doing a job well done is more elusive than a rainbow-maned unicorn. Well, nothing will prove you're no longer 20 like hearing two 21-year-olds say, "It's just so nice to talk to you because you have so much wisdom. I mean, you're 30. You've lived so much more life than we have!!!" bahahahahahaha

Fooled them.

No, but seriously, this just in: turns out I've learned some stuff. And maybe being 30 really IS a whoooole lot different than being 20. And maybe that is actually a really cool thing. Because seeing the road you've walked and identifying the lessons you've learned is a pretty rewarding feeling. And I traded that knowledge for new knowledge- like what the heck Snap Chat is.

But let's just call a spade a spade:

Now where is my bed? I'm exhausted from keeping up with 21-year-olds.
(that means "shake my head."

If that is new information to you,
it's time to find yourself a 20-something, too.)

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