Thursday, August 1, 2013

what the heck, social media!

You know, it's hard to be a good blogger.

There are all different bloggers, fitness bloggers, style bloggers, parent bloggers, field-specialist bloggers, "mean girl" bloggers, bloggers who just use it as an outlet to voice their opinions about anything because no one can stop them, motivational bloggers. All kinds. And I have been having trouble blogging the past year or so- heck, even Facebooking!- because of a dilemma. I am conflicted about how to use social media. Like Blogger, Instagram, or Twitter.

Like Facebook.

I find myself conflicted because part of me thinks, "It's my page. I'll post what I think about ______ (pick any popular topic in the media)______ and screw it. I don't care if others like it. It's my page. Don't read my page if you don't like it. I am who I am. Take that!

But that particularly gravely voice has a mid-air collision with the angel on my left shoulder saying, "Dude, (Okay, well maybe the angel starts out by calling me "honey child" actually...) what a huge opportunity to make the world a better place. What a cool opportunity to live out grace and mercy. What a perfect way to bring humor to the days of others so that they can smile about something. What a way to live out a heart for others. What a way to live a testimony in a genuine way."

And I guess I've decided to live somewhere in between.

I think that Facebook/social media is a great way to, in a sense, control the media. I can help determine which stories get out by what I share. And I like to think that voicing my opinion in a respectful way could sometimes cause the people on my friends list to roll around issues they may have thought otherwise about. Because that's what I enjoy from others who have found the appropriate ways to communicate other viewpoints than my own!

It's also a way to better the world. And if we are so caught up in spewing opinions just because "It's my page, I can do what I want," then I think that's just a mean way to live. There are many people I like when face-to-face but cannot stand on a social media platform. More than just a few, actually! There is a respect missing. A censorship missing. A lack of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all."

And dang it! I want to make days brighter; not just add to the noise. 

I don't want to hide behind a misled, self-important cloak. I want to make life better.

Such a dreamer, yeah?

But I think that dreamy inspirational content has to be mixed with the real life stuff to actually BE inspirational. But the kind real. The gentle real. The considerate real. Because I want to be those things in person- where I'm forced to be real. Ya heard?

And I guess it's the jumble of all that which has kind of caused a dilemma in this-here piece of cyber space because I don't pretend to be a style demigod, nor do I want to get stuck on the merry-go-round of "talk just to fill the space." But seriously! I've been asking questions. When does a person blog? Why does a person blog? About what does a person blog? For whom does a person blog? I don't have a tragic story of beauty-from-ashes to walk through. Though I know the makings of great outfits, my daily outfits aren't always worthy of an instagram because sometimes my job requires that I dress to jump in puddles, or to be a superhero trying to destroy the world. (Side note: Why am I always the bad guy?? I always have to die! Trust me, when you die no less than 15 times a day, you start finding creative ways to bite the dust. I've gotten really good at kicking the bucket. "Keep the euphemisms coming," I always say.)  I don't ascribe to the hopes of passing this along to my children as a way to know their mother more intimately when I'm gone, as some daily-writer-bloggers I read do. And I don't want to write just to fill the space and have another entry posted. I write when I write because....well.... I really, stinking love to write!! I love grammar so much I should be embarrassed. I love the creativity of writing. I love the puzzle of finding a better way to say something. And I dream of inspiring. I long to impact, to encourage, to call us all to something Greater than ourselves. And so I blog. Sporadically, though it may be.

You see? I told you. Hot mess over here.

Who knows how we are to use social media. I doubt there is one answer that works for everybody. But snap, son, I want to do it right. I want to do it honorably. I want to still have friends when I'm 60! Not just "friends." And it would be icing on the cake if I could have made the days of others better.

Having said all that, I do know I'm sure about this: For the people who wonder, "Gosh, can't this chick talk about anything other than kids, food, and clothes" (because, let's face it, there have to be some who feel this way! That really is all I talk about... ) my answer will continue to be: "It's my page. This is who I am. You're welcome to not come back."

But I'll say it nicely....

......Does that help??? Even just a smidge?


  1. For what it's worth, I love whatever you write whether is food, fashion, or the formation of thoughts. (I had to pick something with an F.) I love social media to keep up with friends, especially those I wish I could talk to every day for an hour but manage once a month of an hour, lol. And really, doesn't blogging help you sort out your thoughts/emotions? I know it's such a public way to do it, but hey, why not?

  2. Ummm, hello. There is nothing more important than kids, food, and fashion. Except maybe husbands. They're kinda important, too, like when the cat box needs to be cleaned out.


    1. @Debbie, AMEN AND AMEN! lol you make me laugh. Miss you. xoxo