Thursday, August 22, 2013

An uprising

You know it's bad when two children, ages 3 and 1.5, make fun of you. I'm talking full-out, make-an-exaggerated-face-while-mimicking-your-voice, comedic impersonations. The kind you do about your school teacher who just yelled at you for passing a note again but all you could see was the fury in their eyes and the bulging blood vessel in their forehead. Don't tell me I'm alone on this one, homie.
And I'm telling you- it has already begun. An uprising, you guys.

I'll set the scene: Last night, while at the dinner table, Liam begins shaking his (lidded, thankfully) milk cup up and down like a 5th grader trying to make a tornado from two soda bottles together. To which Jerry deepens his manly-man voice and says sternly, "Liam, do NOT spill your milk."

To which Roman furrows his brows, pushes out his lips, and says, "Liam, don't spill your milk!"

And Liam laaaaaaaaaughs.

And so the comedy continues. For five, whole minutes! For 300 seconds, people, Abbott and Costello go back and forth; Roman copying Jerry with a funny face and silly voice, and Liam rolling with the deepest of belly laughs.

YouTube Video

We couldn't decide whether to high-five the friendship that is victoriously blossoming between the two, scold them for making light of a serious rebuke, or go hide in a closet somewhere while hoping against hope to make it out alive in 16.5 years.

So we high-fived.

And then we laughed.

And then we laughed some more. Because if you can't beat them, you join them.

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