Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fashion Tuesday

I understand "Fashion Tuesday" isn't a thing. It doesn't have alliteration working for it, so access denied. But I'm making it a thing for today because the JCrew style guide for August came in. Let's girl talk. :)
Go get your glass of chilled anything and pull up a chair. I'm clinging to my iced coffee while this happens beside me:

God bless water.
So- what have we here?
If I were still teaching, this would be IT. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

But since I'm at home most days, and out in town on errands when I'm not at home, I'm kind of loving this baseball-hat-meets-blazer thing that has been creeping the past few seasons. I think I'm ready to take it for a spin...

Also, I'm having a MAJOR crush on leather anythings right now. Shorts, skirts, leggings, sweaters and tees with leather detailing- doesn't matter. I want it all. I don't know why.

I know most will find this hideous but I can't take my eyes off of it or stop my mouth from drooling.
Maybe this is the apparel equivalent to an English Bulldog? Ugly beautiful?

Combine my sweatshirt and skirts? I think YES. This, I can do at home, even. Top knot instead of shaggy hair, though. I'm hoping that would clean it up a bit.

Inspired to roll my jeans differently because of this. Why not mix it up?

It's Becker Style fact: I have a thing for shirts that button. I want them all. ALL.

Haven't seen the fall InStyle yet but I'm saying here, loud and proud: I will have at least two brightly colored pairs of skinny cords in my closet this fall/winter. Must have.

And lastly, if i were rich, had no children, and had nothing to do all day but lounge on my yacht with perfectly-manicured nails.... This is what I'd be wearing.

Dreamy sigh.


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