Monday, June 10, 2013

An ice breaker

Two truths and a lie:
1- On a biweekly basis, Liam teases death. Today he could have broken a leg and gotten a concussion. All in the same move! My mom heart cannot take it.
2- As a little girl, I was terrified to be the last one awake. I was convinced the monsters under beds and behind closet doors were going to come out as soon as the parental figures closed their eyes. As is customary, all appendages had to be under covers, lest the child-eaters grab for toes.
3- It rained 80" today, causing us to stay indoors. But it's all good. That's what finished basements and lots of bouncy balls, trucks, and.....dryers(?) are for.

The lie- #3. It rained 82". I swear. Still all good. :)

{Yes. Why allow the pillows and blankets to sit WITH you on the sofa? Sophie is exasperated.}
So. This is the kind of blogging you do at 11pm. Apparently the fear of being the last one awake has completely dissolved. Bonus!
Nighty night, world.