Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Edward Scissorhands

This past weekend, my mom came down to watch the boys so Jerr and I could go to closing- and decided to stay all weekend. It was good for everyone to have some Mimi time. Especially for two little guys I know. :)
And while she was here, I picked her brain about flowers and all things green. She is a flower magician and I have killed every plant I have ever owned. I kid you not.
So, with my newly-acquired pruning skills, I spent today dodging raindrops, doing yard work, and showing lil' fellas worms. I mulched around the trees, got new house numbers and nailed them to the mailbox stand, I weeded every bed, planted red hibiscuses in new pots to flank the front door, and went to town with pruning shears on the front flower beds. (I know you're not interested in every task I did, but when I read this in a year as I stay up late at night getting reacquainted with the Lauren of days past, I will want to know what I did. So tough luck!)
I've still got a looooong way to go before I'm done. Checklist for future me to remember what i want to do: install a lamp post, make some new flower beds, pull out all the old, scraggly bushes along the front of the house and replace them with young, full bushes, and line the tree beds and driveway with stone. No problem, right? I'll get right on that... As soon as my hands regain their brute strength.
For now, I'll lay on the couch with body aching from hard labor, and wear a tired grin. Bushes look better because I was there, today. And I'm not white sure why, but that feels pretty stinking great!

And I'm thankful beyond words that our Mimi (and Pappa!) is only a quick car ride away.