Thursday, May 30, 2013

the tee

Let's play a word association game. I'm going to say a phrase and you say the first thing that pops in your heard. Ready?
"summer wardrobe staple."
So whatdya say? Sandals? Shorts? Maybe tanks? Definitely sunglasses. Tees are one of my favorites. And truth be told, they aren't a staple reserved for days filled with sprinklers and sunblock, but for colored leaves, snowmen, and beyond. Which proves my point even more: you better have a great tee in your closet. And not just one. Several. In all the basic colors {black, gray, and white} as well as a few fun ones.

(dang, phone, why do you suck when posting pics to the blog via the app?} I just happen to be wearing my black one as I write now- this is a Truly Madly Deeply one from Urban Outfitters. Link HERE.

I'll tell you what I, personally, look for in the "perfect tee." 1)I like a deep V or scoop neck- not enough to show any cleavage but enough to be a few inches below my collar bone. 2)I go for one that sits right on my hips, and 3)one that hangs loosely. I have learned through experience with my own body that a fitted tee is much trickier to successfully wear than a loose one. At first, I thought a loose tee would add pounds. Turns out, it is harder to look slimmer in tight clothes, sometimes. When a loose tee hits at the right places (see below) it will camouflage any tummy flab {thanks, babies I carried.}while flattering the boobs and slimming the upper arms. I am VERY picky about tees. Perhaps the only rival to a perfect tee is a perfect pair of jeans. I'm cutthroat when searching for either.

Generally speaking:
-the higher the neckline, the larger "the ladies" appear to be. Also, the more weight your top half appears to have. For most women, a lower neckline is more flattering.
-the shorter the sleeve, the more focus is placed on the upper arm. Cropped sleeves should be reserved for those who find their upper arms to be one of their strengths. Oh, you unicorns. The most flattering sleeves, generally speaking, are those that are at least 3-4" from shoulder seam to sleeve end.
       **a tip: when buying longer sleeves, make sure the arm hole is still correct. The bottom of your arm hole should sit just below your arm pit. If it's further down your side, your shirt just isn't fitting right. This, too, will add pounds or make "the girls" look saggy.
-the shorter the tee, the shorter your torso appears to be. The most universally flattering length for tees are those that hit below the belt line of your pants. If you have to tug and pull to keep your tee covering your belly or pull your shirt back when you bend over so you're not showing off the sexy undies you're sporting, it's too short.Both for class and flattering results.

In yesterday's blog post I talked about a few places I like to go for tees: JCrew and Urban Outfitters are the top two for my body type. If you don't have a favorite tee, just start. Walk into every store in the mall, grab one of each different style tee they have, and try them on. Be hard to please! Make the suckers work hard to earn your approval! They're not your children, you won't scar them. They're your employees- they are there to work hard for you. So make it good. If you find a perfect tee, even at $30 a pop, it will be the best money you have ever spent. And don't even get me started on cost per wear. ;)

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