Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the ITSBECKERSTYLE summer style

I have been spending time looking at spring/summer style on Pinterest. Shocking, I know. But it's so gosh darn fun! Besides, I think finding inspiration is over half the battle. If you can find a picture of an outfit you like, you just copy it! Eventually you learn how to combine outfits you love just as much without copying a picture, but when you are trying to figure it out- because maybe you have a different body type to dress because of weight loss/gain or babies- and need a little help..... go to the mattresses. Or in this case, the world wide web.

Here are some of my favorites that are inspiring me right now:

 Obviously, we all know I love me a good top knot. Add lots of gold jewelry...heaven. And I already have a similar skirt/tank. {fist pump}

I love the way she tucked in the {very unbuttoned} button-down and the fact that she isn't wearing a belt. I know, that rubs some people the wrong way. It's a little sacrilegious in the face of "the rules." I don't like rules. Not really in life, but especially not in dressing.  And I'll take a big pair of sunglasses and messy hair any day.

Messy braid + jean vest + hoodie = perfect for those chilly summer nights. I'm smitten. And it helps that I own every piece needed. Can't see the bottom, but I'd wear it with a pair of cut-off jean shorts that are fitted and go to the knee. Shoes?....I could really like a pair of old work boots. ;) Or fine, cute metallic sandals. And if you happen to need a good jean vest, Target just happens to have them. Here.

Again, a long side braid. I must be jonesing for this- I had no idea. {that is a major bonus of putting together an inspiration can find those things that you seem to be drawn to but hadn't yet identified!} I'll try to satisfy my subconscious desires for hair via 5th grade. In the meantime, these black skinnies, oversized purse, and sleeveless flowy tank are awesome for hot days. Oh, look, I just happen to have one in black and one in yellow. It was meant to be!

Dear scarves in the hair: I HEART YOU. I'd like to thank you ahead of time for the ways you will save me time and effort this summer. See you soon.

Cut off jean shorts and the most perfect casual, slouchy tee. This is the summer uniform of champions. My favorite places for tees that fit just like this are Urban Outfitters {I like the "Truly Madly Deeply line. Click HERE. I get a size small so they fit like this.} and J.Crew {I get the Tissue V-Neck Classic Tee. Click HERE.} Both happen to be on sale now. And even when they aren't on sale, a good tee is like a good pair of jeans: flattering and makes you feel good about yourself. A good tee will stay with  me the rest of my days. And for great tanks, I love Brandy Melville. Click HERE. {Thanks, Hawaii, for this little love affair.} They are one-size-fits-all usually, but have the most perfect fit, flow, and feel. The three Fs. You didn't even know that was a thing, did you? ;) {Me either. Until it just happened. But I'm going with it. It's going to be a thing from now on. Declaration made.}

Wanna be Pinterest friends? HERE I AM.

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