Sunday, May 5, 2013

Please, come in (pt.1)

Well, since we are finally homeowners it would be rude to not have a virtual open house, right?! (The pictures are fuzzy because I blew them up larger than the photos wanted to with it!) ;) We have so many friends and family that live far away and can't just swing by. So this is for you! Pretend I have some good snacks and a pretty, summery punch in a bowl and come on in. You don't even have to take your off your shoes for this. ;)

What you'll see as you come in the front door:

I have since turned the boots around to face forward. *sigh* Amateur. -points to self-)

To the right, you'll see our office:

(Wallpaper will come down. Sooner rather than later. As will those Roman shields(?) sitting above the bay window.)

And to the left you will walk into our formal dining room:


But if you walk straight back the hallway, past a powder room on your right, you get to the open area that includes our kitchen:

(see what i mean? waaaaaaaaaay too much natural wood happening. cabinets will be painted, as will the stools and perhaps one of the two islands....for starters.)

Our living room:

(Goodbye, green walls. Goodbye, carpet. Hello, graphic black and white striped rug sitting on more beautiful hardwood. Planning a homeowner's DIY extravaganza. Those with hardwood-laying experience, please inquire within.)

(Dear curtains, I'm coming to get you. Soon!)

(Because a white rhino makes anybody's day better. Come on.)

And the morning room:

(Curtains needed. but white, whispy ones that hang between every window. Goal: nothing but light; a room where dreams are breathed and planned.)

(Going to bring in a rug for the boys' area to define the space.)

As with any new house you just bought, most of this is COMPLETELY different than the way I see it in my head... Give me a few years and then come back. THEN you'll see the house I envision for us, in terms of design. But for now, this feels like home. And I don't foresee that feeling getting old any time soon. :)

(There are two more levels to the house. I'll try to get those pictures sometime in the next several years. "Set realistic goals!" I always say!)


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