Friday, May 17, 2013

a little philly in fredericksburg

Lately I have been enjoying the crap out of Roman and Liam.

Okay, I acknowledge I could have found a much classier way to express those sentiments.... you get what you get.

But really- I feel like we have made "the transition." I was warned that having two so close in age (17 months apart! I I look at 17-month old Liam right now and say "what were we thinking!?") made for a really challenging first year or two, but then it would be easier than having just one. And a few months ago, around the time Roman was two and a half and Liam was a month or two past the one year mark, things just evened out. They go off and play together often, they are each the other person's favorite person in the world, and they rarely exibit jealousy toward another. They're human, so there are definitely moments where one pulls toys from his brother's hands, but 90% of the time they are buddies and are happy to share things with their built-in best friend.

I've just been smiling a lot.

This is "it" when you're a parent, I think. When you watch your children enjoy each other as much as you enjoy them, it makes any sacrifice undeniably worth it. And it makes me glad we had them so close in age; glad that we decided to have more than one! We felt called to it- not all are!- and I'm glad we listened. As I watch my mom and her siblings rally around my grandfather as his health fails him, I see them relying on each other for support of all kinds and feel glad that my kids will have the same support system in their lives. As I enjoy my special relationship with my sister more and more, the older we get, I appreciate that there is someone who had the same home experience I had. I don't have to explain why I am the way I am because there is someone who walked with me through every day of that. I think lately, I'm just appreciating how important family is. And I am loving my little family of four an extra amount.

And that darn brotherly love is one of the coolest things happening in my world during this season. I'll take it. :)

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