Saturday, March 23, 2013

To Fredericksburg, with love

Today we made our first trip to downtown Fredericksburg for a pre-holiday Easter egg hunt.

Let's not have the whole "what the heck is my right hand doing?!" conversation and say we did.

We had fun, found some Easter eggs, chatted with other parents, and made numerous trips down the slide. And then we decided to drive through the surrounding blocks to scope out our new town.

It. Rocks.

Holy cuteness, Batman, I'm in love. Not just one but TWO tea places, restaurants of all nationalities but with the quaintest of titles, an apothecary (Wait, they still have those?!), a clam store/restaurant called "The Happy Clam." (What a name! Who doesn't want to eat there?!) A non-chain coffee place. A gorgeous, old library where I plan on taking the boys for many a story time. No less than eight million antique stores. Commercial over.

And you know how it is... You're exploring new roads, gawking at interesting sights, "oohing" at a sweet antique/thrift place on the corner... And the next thing you know, you're going down a one-way street. The wrong way. (It now becomes a wrong-way street. Hehe.)

The scene unfolds: a pedestrian signals to us that she will help, she jumps into the road to wave down the cars coming toward us, so they slow to a stop and put on their flashers. (In spite of the chaos I notice a horse and carriage headed toward us. A horse and carriage!! Jerry Becker, if that is not included in a birthday or anniversary celebration, you will answer for it. I am giving you no more than five years to make that happen. Please?) We pull a to-the-book three-point turn and as we do I'm flapping my arms to express my gratitude to the kind drivers, shouting, "THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!" And somehow, embarrassingly, find myself blowing kisses as well. <Pause> Blowing kisses?! All of a sudden it's like I think I won Miss America up in here. Any minute now, I'm going to inhale and begin the whole "I'd like to thank my mom" speech. Aim high, I always say....

And as a final gesture, Jerry rolls down his window to thank the kind pedestrian who helped- whose friend yelled, "Hey! Don't feel bad! I do it, too!"

I'm thanking Betsy that we still have our Hawaii plates on the car. *newcomers!!!*

As we drove away, we just kept talking about how great that was- obviously ignoring how we placed our family in harm's way and could have DIED! (I mean...If you want to be all dramatic about it.) We weren't honked at. We weren't flipped off! We didn't even get evil eyes from the people watching.


My word, what cool people. What a great place. I think we're gonna love it here. :)


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