Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time to plant roots

Or at least hang pictures. Kinda feels like the same thing! It's about tiiiiiiiiiime.

So, we started at the center of our attention- naturally!

Why shouldn't your television be a work of art? I say, let's try to make the gigantic hunk of black plastic look good! (Emphasis on TRY.) Let's also use what you've already got, AND let's use it to tell a story. I wanted to create a wall that a stranger could use to tell something about us, after visiting and scoping out the collage. After all, we plan to be doing mucho handshaking these days!
So, what does the wall say?

We like plants? I dunno. Starting out slow. Weak sauce. But I love staghorn ferns and have been waiting literally YEARS to have one. Ah, the dimension it brings.

Family is important, and we have two boys that we get to discipline. I mean snuggle and love profusely. We used to be in the Navy (see those dress whites? )but aren't any more (that's where the crazy picture of Jerry holding his separation orders comes in) and had a special family over there- a la a saved hand-drawn birthday card from a few years ago. There is also a second Cali plate hanging in this section but it is a placeholder. One CA license plate will stay but the other one will be replaced by a Hawaii one as soon as it's off the car.

We...ah... Have a sense of humor. No, I do not have facial hair. I know, it's sad and i'd grow one if I could. Lady staches are seeexy!
Seriously, I included that picture simply to give the wall personality. We like to laugh, so laugh with us! Then we touch on Jerry's involvement with politics (his bachelor's degree is poly sci and we both like to stay connected to American politics.) And trust me, if/when Jerr ever runs for congress, he will find a much more accurate campaign slogan. For now, it makes us giggle. Take that, stuffy old men in blazers who can't balance a budget to safe there lives! ;)

Add to the rest a picture of a baby with luscious lips, more family pics, proof we lived in Cali, a hint that our last name starts with "B" because we are thoughtful folk who know the awkwardness of trying to remember names, and a feed sack from the grain mill right down the road from my childhood home.

It's not the end, but it feels like a mighty fine beginning. You might say it's Becker style. ;)

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