Friday, January 11, 2013

the conclusion!

Well, I have a job/house update! :) Give me two paragraphs before I get there.

Warning: the post below is covered in "God talk." As a general statement in life, I think it's a careful dance when deciding how boldly I am to talk. Not because I'm worried about the way certain people will think of me, but because I feel called to live my love for God loudly and speak it when called. I think that's probably a lot of us... And I don't have plans to change this to some kind of Christians-only blog space where we spout "I'm praying for you" and talk about iron sharpening iron all the time.

And I will continue to include clothing thoughts- but for now you can find those pics on my Instagram account!- and parenting thoughts. But when I named this blog "Its Becker Style" I named it that because it was a way to encompass every aspect of life- done my way. {ps- I bailed on the Red Letters blog. Turns out there is a sect of "Christianity" with a title very similar and I don't agree with their theology. So I'm staying away from that. Ha!} And this whole job hunt has required much faith, much prayer. And now that it has concluded and the question marks are filled in, I'm calling it like I see it: I serve a God who is faithful and personal and who has fulfilled promises He spoke to me in the quiet places.

Okay, thanks for letting me say that. It was on my heart.

The update:
I'm sure it seemed to go by quickly because it was only a week ago that I was writing about the job situation. For us, though, it is a scenario that has been working itself out since the beginning of NOVEMBER. It has felt like a looooooong time coming. But here we are, with questions answered!!!!!

Jerry has officially been offered Job A!!!!!! (first written about HERE) Please wait while I do a celebratory victory dance!!!!!

Still dancing...

Okay, I'm finished.

YOU GUYS. We waited. God gave us the best. Best job, best salary, best company, best everything. And  it starts much sooner than we anticipated! As soon as Jerry's clearance is confirmed, he will start. So he's off to work in 2-4 weeks. Right around the time that our military paychecks run out, I might add. See? I'm not kidding. God is so good.

Several people had asked me how our house worked in either scenario- we were okay to go through on the house with either job in terms of being able to afford it. What we weren't sure about was timing- whether waiting for one job or another would cause us to lose it because of the seller needing to close sooner. We are currently waiting for the appraisal to be done, and then we are good to close on March 4!! {Yes, that means we'll be hanging out in PA until then- come visit!} So that's the house update. All systems go. :):)

One of my favorite things is this story: Last week, after I was done writing, {and heck, lots of time in general these past few months} I spent a lot of time praying. And asking. And waiting. And listening. And waiting. And I felt like God was challenging me to step out in faith and claim the things He was promising me. So I wrote it down, tucked it away, and waited for things to conclude. And when it did, I pulled out my list to compare. This is what I had written:
1- I believe God will provide us with Job A.
2- I believe God will provide our house on Carlyle Street.
3- I believe we can have both. We will need to wait.

And so it is! I still cannot believe it. We have a job! It's a job that Jerr loves and is excited to do! We won't run out of paychecks! We are able to buy our dream house- every. stinking. "want" we had on our house hunting list is checked. I am walking around in the "I just don't believe it!" daze, perma-grin style.

And guess what. I never picked IT up. *fist pump*

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  1. This is so awesome. I can't wait to come visit!!!