Saturday, January 12, 2013

room inspiration

So, style boards aren't just for clothes! I've been bonding with Pinterest more than ever before these days to put together all the things that are in my head. The master bedroom is my archenemy right now. I cannot figure out what I want!!! That is very unlike me- I usually know exactly what I want. Why the dilemma? I think because I feel a lot of pressure. I'm asking myself, "What is my perfect space?" and the answer is- I don't know!!! If it didn't have to be perfect, I wouldn't have a problem. I figured out the three rooms below in about an hour. Total! But the bedroom.... Grr. Clueless.

For Roman's room this is my style board, along with a really, really cool wool plaid blanket I stole from my parents that I don't have a picture of:

Yes, that picture of the squid does read "I'm a flying squid." I cannot stop laughing. And the picture of the moose with the briefs?? Omg. Stop it. It's already been ordered.

And this is the start of Liam's room. I'm planning a massive play on graphic black and white statements with two major pops of orange: the reclaimed chicken feeder light fixture and a floor lamp.

Major score of the week was the ram's head from Anthro! $24.95 for Liam's new best friend!!

A Persian rug is the middle of the living room design {Um...can I call it design if I have no official degree or expertise in the matter???} but I have yet to find "the one." It will include deep reds, navy or gray, green, and any other colors that want to come play. Plus lots and lots of fun textures! Here is the style board for the living room:

Oh, the thrill ;) I'm having zero fun with this....

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