Monday, December 3, 2012

a little love affair

Okay, so we made it to the hotel! The word for that is surreal. I have been looking at this moment on the calendar but to actually be here? Surreal. And after a month of living in a house with the very, very basics (think 4 dinner plates, air mattress, one suitcase of toys kind of basics) we are sleeping on a king sized bed that I swear is made of dreams with clouds for pillows. Is it inappropriate to say that the noises we made when climbing into bed last night would have led one to believe other things were occurring? Dreams and clouds, people.

 Our lanai (balcony/porch for you mainlanders) has views of the ocean and downtown, both.

And I spent the morning walking around downtown Waikiki, going in and out of shops while sipping coffee, pushing two boys in a stroller who were happy to be out. I even picked up this lovely scarf from Lucky. Who, of course, was having a great sale. Because the day is just. that. good.

 Is it bad that I'm falling in love a little bit with this city? Newsflash: Life the past 3.5 years has been NOTHING like the past 24 hours of vacationing. So to those of you who think life here is a never-ending vacation, you are dead wrong. Ha! But a stay-cay is the way to make a grand exit. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that we were roughing it the past month; there's nothing like getting down to the basics to appreciate the abundant. You know, when responsibilities are lessened and the Navy is picking up the tab, it sure is nice to spend some good ole' Q-T ["quality time" for those of you who don't know gangsta speak] with Waikiki!

And FYInformation, I have made some decisions: 1) I will never again carry bags up to a hotel room. [Especially when it requires three trips for the bellhop to take our 8 suitcases, 4 carry-ons, 2 pack-n-plays plus bed lovies, snacks, strollers, kitchen stuff and more!] And, 2)When valet parking is offered, I will use it. Because a tip is so small compared to the convenience it serves and the stress it removes.

God bless Google, which allowed us to research hotel tipping! Sometimes "first times" are grand. ;)

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