Sunday, October 28, 2012

when a stylist packs

"Time to pack now, Lauren."

"You are allowed to have two suitcases, Lauren."

"You will need to dress for one month in summer temps and one month in winter temps and all clothing must fit in these two suitcases, Lauren."


Thank you, kind and manly man o' mine, for making it close. Though I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to open it, lest the impending snakes-in-a-can explosion send me flying back into a wall.....

Packing tip: Packing? There is an app for that. Seriously. It's meant for daily dressing and not packing, but I used it anyway. I'm a rebel, I know. It's called "Cloth" and is used for you to store pics of every outfit you wear so that you can slide through each pic and decide which outfit of yours you want to wear that day. If you like a step-by-step map to getting dressed in the mornings, this would be genius. For packing, I took a picture of EVERY. PIECE. of clothing/shoes/hats/accessories/etc going into the suitcases so that I could flip through the pics on my phone and put together an outfit in my brain before I go digging through to the bottom. {pretty sure this took longer than actually packing...}You saw what went in one of those bad boys!!! There is no way I'll remember the shirt at the bottom left corner unless I had it documented. And so I do. :) Dressing will, in theory, be easier..... Stay tuned. I'll let you know. If you see me in the same pair of jeans and v-neck tee every day, my great plan obviously failed.

I'm prepared for such a thing.

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