Saturday, October 27, 2012

october in pictures

 Not much longer in this uniform. Daddy and his 10 month old stud muffin.

Got them separation orders! We have since used them to give housing our intent to vacate paperwork, set up the move of our household goods, book plane tickets, and more.

Still taking style pics but I feel like there is no point posting warm-weather pics when most live in cooler-weather places. Give me 6 weeks.... 

 I'm too sexy mustache pants.

I love me a silly baby. Liam's smiles now involve nose scrunches, fast and repeated breaths through the nose, and sparkling eyes.

Typical man...taking up as much space as possible. 

 This guy doesn't let any opportunity slip by him. Roman left his tiny cup of whipped cream sitting on the ottoman...I turned around to find Liam eye-lash-deep in homemade maple whipped cream. New eye lash treatment??

I grew a mustache for a birthday party. Apparently I'm French?  

 Ro has learned to protect his toes

Jerr and I were washing dishes after dinner last night and heard "Mommy, Daddy, look at this!" This is what we saw. 

Life has been busy these days; full of packing, un-decorating, cleaning, and starting to tie up some ends. Our household goods get packed up this Tuesday and Wednesday and will begin their journey to VA, so each day feels like a tornado of activity. Because of that, there's definitely not much time to blog- and when I do have the time, all I want to talk about is the details about moving...which probably doesn't interest anyone other than me! Hence the silence. But these pictures should give you a good summary. And after Wednesday things will slow down for 3-4 weeks, so perhaps we can get re-acquainted then. I'd love that! Until then, I'm just trying to hang on to my britches.

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