Tuesday, September 4, 2012

tuesday applause

1. This morning, during Liam's first nap, I asked Roman if he wanted to play in his room or clean. He said clean.
2. I have part of my house cleaned already!
 3. My laundry is almost done for the week.
 4. Both boys wanted an early nap. And so they are out cold.
5. Jerry is coming home early today and has off on Friday- a three day work week over here.
6. Girlfriends are coming over tonight to hang out. 
7. I'm sitting on my couch, drinking a HOT cup of coffee, and get to choose from new episodes of The View, Dear Genevieve, Barefoot Contessa, and Sarah's House! Or Pinterest. Or blogging. Or anything else I want because IT'S NAP TIME. 

Not bad, Tuesday....not bad at all.

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