Sunday, September 16, 2012

the anniversary, revisited

I know, I didn't give much detail in the previous anniversary post. I thought I'd let those ridiculous pictures do the talking. And they did, didn't they?? I don't think I could have summed up "us" any better.

Our anniversary was perfect. Jerr spoiled me with the traditional 5th year anniversary gifts of daisies and wood in the form of a jewelry box, came home from work early, we made a family trip to Target {which we really enjoy and do weekly as a family excursion together, for some sick reason...?} came home and did the nightly dinner/bathtime/bedtime routine, and then my sister-friend Rachel and her husband came over to hold down the fort while Jerr and I went for a dinner out to a phenomenal French restaurant. Hands down, one of the BEST evenings in Hawaii. Bar none. Du Vin, you are my newest love.

Dinner = a lemon-ginger martini for me and a Jerry's standard Old Fashioned, meat/cheese/pate app; a bowl of artichoke and prosciutto soup, shared; grilled lamb chops with fingerling potatoes and cauliflower, roasted duck breast on a bed of arugula and pureed parsnips and shallots; with vanilla bean creme brulee for dessert.

Happy, happy girl.

And listen, I know the pictures below are pretty crappy in terms of lighting, but that's because we were in a rush to get out the door and I just wasn't thinking "Oh, wait, let's take pictures for the blog." I was more concerned about a successful anniversary date night. And when you get home at 10:00 you're not about to go stand outside, or near an open window, for daylight. So they are what they are! I can tell you that the dress was a lemon-y yellow, the belt was glittering gold, and the shoes were a Tiffany-ish blue. ;)

And then I went to put on my pajamas.

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