Friday, September 14, 2012

it's about to get real up in here

Tuesday evening I went to style a client on the other side of the mountains who lived in a GORGEOUS high rise overlooking the ocean. {It is worth mentioning that if I could live my Hawaii years all over again I would be doing it from that apartment. I stood there with my jaw on the floor for a good year or so.} As I stepped out of the elevators I noticed a giant floor-to-ceiling mirror. Convenient for bloggers who style and realize they never took a picture of the chosen evening's attire, no? So, I figured I'd grab a pic.

The caption for this photo reads, "Oh darn. I left the flash on from last night when I was stalking Roman while he slept, taking creeper pictures that would so terrify him that, should he wake up during the ninja mission, he would forever be afraid of the dark. Thus eliminating a possible career in spelunking forever."

Caption reads, "Blurry. Because as I was pushing the button I heard a door in the hallway and promptly bailed- dropping my phone while the picture-taking was in motion- and walked nonchalantly down the hall lest I look like a crazy in a hallway who attacks her victims using bad photography and rocking boots. Yes, that's right, Mr. Apartment Guy. I was just strolling off the elevator- whose door is definitely not just closing the way it should be if this story were really true- on my way to something very important and am in no way vain enough to glance in a mirror on my way. I am especially not taking a picture of myself while striking my own personal Blue Steele pose.... What are you looking at??"


The caption of the next picture will read, "This is what it looks like when one gets arrested in silk and leather. Dear Jerry: Help. Love, me."

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