Monday, September 10, 2012

i will survive

I posted it on Instagram so I might as well come clean....I did it. I wore the flowered skinny jeans. AND I loved it. It looked a little strange catching a pattern in the corner of my eye where pattern does not usually dwell, but I can get used to it. And surprisingly enough {to me!} they seemed to go over very well with the general public- and also with the fellow I married. I'll take it. :)

In terms of styling these ladies, I decided to keep it really neutral with the black shoes and necklace. I don't usually wear the same color on the two, but since the jeans were a departure from my safety box, I thought that was brave enough for the day. I tried a chunky gold necklace first, but I felt like it was a little too much for my taste. The jeans are enough of a statement piece. I didn't need to wear more exclamations. Add to that a chambray shirt, which seemed to tone it all down, and you get the outfit below. 

It's basically my "usual" in reverse: only with pattern on bottom and jeans on top. It seems simple, but felt inexplicably fresh for me. It just feels good to mix it up. {side note: I find I'm doing the same with bracelets and earrings. I used to wear massive earrings every day. Now, I wear none. And after a long "chunky bracelet phase" I now find myself drawn to really refined, simple bands- if anything. And where there used to be silver there is now gold.} Sometimes a change simply scratches the itch in just the right place. I think that's why I enjoyed the flowers. Or the "vintage table cloth" as some referred to it. ;)

And also, I wore these shoes:

Let it be known that my feet have not worn REAL shoes {aka closed-toe+heels} in three and a half years and, three blisters later, I thought I died. I don't understand what happened! I used to wear these to teach. That's a 7-hour work day INCLUDING, but certainly not limited to, dancing like a crazy person to motivate "too cool" junior highers, trekking across three campuses, playing singing games outside in grass for elementary music, and stabbing podiums to death in high school. When did my feet become pansies?! One thing is for sure: December is going to be torture. I'm pretty sure my feet will stage a rebellion...and it's not going to be good.

I mean, I'm going to do it any way! Don't you worry. Just thought you should brace yourself- it could be traumatic. ;)

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