Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A good pair of glasses is like a good friend. A good pair of sunnies, when living in Hawaii, is like family. And both are changing in my world. One for the better and one for the sad.

My glasses are getting an upgrade. I've had the same pair of glasses for the past four years and it was high time I changed them out. I have been wearing my non-prescription glasses for fun:

But now it's time to upgrade to the real thing:

And my other half. My special thing I bought to remember Roman's pregnancy- saving for months since there was no point buying clothes for an ever-growing belly. Huge sigh. They're gone, guys. :( The worst part is- I don't even know where! I can't remember having them one minute and not having them the next. I can't trace it. I just know I reached into their case to get them one day and they were gone. Not in the car, not in my purse, not in my house...just gone. I still haven't accepted it. And it may sound dumb but they were really special to me and they were the most perfect pair of sunglasses I've ever had. And there is no way I can just go out and buy a replacement pair now, with a huge move on the horizon and my monthly budget gone through the year. I'll get Chanel 5154s again some day, but for now a pair of Ray Ban "Jackie-O's" will have to get me through these hard, lonely, lost days.....

So long, Chanels.... you were perfect. I'm sorry.  :(

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