Thursday, August 2, 2012

when animal prints.....revisted

Okay, lest I wrongly communicate the point of my last post, let me say this: matching isn't a bad thing!!! I have several girlfriends (who have said nothing to me about the last post!) whose style is matchy-matchy and they always look great. Very classy and put together. I'm not speaking down to those who match. Like I said, the way you style yourself is a personal thing! :) I find there are three main reasons for matching (as opposed to not matching but "going," if that makes sense?)
1- because that's one's personal style preference
2- because one isn't sure what colors to combine aside from those colors that match perfectly
3- because one is scared of what others will say

The bottom of the last entry spoke specifically to the third kind of matcher! (Golly, can you tell I don't want to offend anyone by that post? haha!) It's just that it's my heart 1)to equip people to be free to find their personal style and 2)to challenge us all (myself included!) to step it up and go one inch further than what is safe in attempts to learn more.

So what I'm saying is if you're afraid of what people will think, forget about them! If you're not sure how to be different than matchy-matchy but you want to, I gave you some suggestions on where to start HERE. And whatever you usually do, try to play a little bit more! Go one step further and see what you can create! Because it's fun, at the very least! :)

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