Wednesday, August 1, 2012

umm...biker chic fab?

This is a horrible picture in every way. There's no denying it. The flash...the pose...the face! That is because I was on a styling gig and was trying to take a quick picture while my client was in the fitting room (I guess this is one way to pass time?). Don't you love the "Don't look at me, I'm not really trying to take a picture of myself in the middle of Forever21" face I'm sporting? lol

boots: NEX, skinnies: GAP, scarf: GAP, necklace: J.Crew, black shirt: h&m, leather vest: target, purse: Macy's

The same day, I scored these babies at GAP. Regular price: $118. My price: $30. I have plans for these come December once we move to the mainland... stay tuned.

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