Wednesday, August 1, 2012

time off and a new era

So I was looking and it's been basically a month since I last blogged...partly because I'm just enjoying a vacation and partially because I'm having an identity crisis and I think I have finally solved it. I need two blogs. Well, I technically already have two- there is one for cooking that I have started with two other girlfriends and I actually need to write in it. You can see it HERE: Rachel has been the lone ranger holding it down. So I guess I should say that I need a THIRD. This is ridiculous.

I need one for my Its Becker Styling clientele to be able to see my style and find the pricing packages but I need another for private home life, opinions on pop culture topics, family, and cooking. So, with that in mind, I shall explain the new breakdown:

For fashion, style, and all things styling-related, keep coming here.

And for all other posts, you can go HERE. The actual address is

Anyway, back to business! I had a styling gig today and this is the outfit:

shirt: banana republic, pants: american eagle, shoes: old navy,  belt: target, watch: michael kors, necklace: etsy

Keeping it simple but feeling good. :)

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