Monday, August 13, 2012


Here's the thing... I really love clothes. I love how they can make you feel, I love the creative outlet that they provide for me, I love learning and trying things that are seemingly outside my personal box. And I just think they're so darn pretty! And occasionally I will see a piece that I cannot get out of my mind.{This happens to me with home decorating things, too! Can I get an "amen?"} Usually this piece is something 1)I've been been longingly and purposefully searching for or 2)unique and I haven't seen anything like it. Enter the fall Fossil catalog.

Oh, Fossil...I have underestimated you. I used to think you were good only for men's wallets and occasionally a cute watch here and there. Add to the list: killer button-down shirts.

Exhibit A:
As if a perfectly-tailored button-down shirt isn't enough of a grand find, add to it tiny giraffes that come across as a simple geometric pattern from far away, and are unbelievably precious up close. Right now I'm loving giraffes, owls, and anchors as details in clothes. So....thus began my infatuation with a particular giraffe shirt.

I marked the page in the catalog. I searched it down online, looking at several websites to see if I could get a better price on it. {It wasn't pretty...two months of my personal spending budget. On one shirt. Ouch.}No luck. So I searched for Fossil coupons online. Again, no luck. So I slept on it. I sat on it. I performed a number of other metaphors that mean "I thought long and hard and tried to talk myself out of it." It did not work.

And so I did it.

I know... I surrendered two whole months of other cute clothes or home goods for this one shirt. Here's the thing: my closet is in good shape. I have the things I need. I am always looking to add to it but it's not like I really needed a good pair of jeans and bought a shirt instead. And my philosophy right now, about ANYTHING in life, is that I'd rather have fewer things but nicer things. I am past the stage in life where I just need _______ (kitchen tools, enough shirts to get me through the week, etc) and I'm ready to add in nicer things to replace the cheaper things I got when I needed them but couldn't afford to do it "right." That means it's slow going... and when I decide to make a bigger purchase it takes me a few months. But it's the way I prefer it. {Also on my list to upgrade: a nice set of All-Clad non-stick cookware...gonna be some years, peeps...gonna be some years.} So what I'm saying is that I decided I didn't need anything in my closet right now, so this unique shirt that I couldn't find a double of anywhere else {I checked} is a good purchase. It can go under cardigans/blazers/jackets/sweaters or be work by itself. Translation: button-down shirts are super versatile.

Confession: the giraffe shirt was one of two. This feather shirt was the other:
Needless to say, I'm living in a state of self-induced poverty through December. It's worth it. I think??

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