Monday, August 6, 2012

invention of personal style

I believe every outfit can, and should, be an opportunity to express your personal style. For today's post I thought I'd invite you into my closet to show you how that plays itself out for me, telling you what I'm thinking as I go. You don't have to take this literally because this is my personal style added to a pretty simple, bland outfit. But when you find yourself having a craving for your khaki chinos and sporting a wounded finger from your gangsta knife-fight with a clove of garlic, that's at least a place to start.   ;)

This is where I started. Like I said, pretty standard:

 So I decided to add a necklace. Oh, and my finger lost the war so the bandage is preventing me from doing my hair. So a hat was mandatory. But this is the beauty of a hat: it is the rescuer of all bad hair days.

The accessories helped (when choosing a necklace I needed one to work with the V-neck so it had to either hang lower or sit higher than the opening of my shirt. I went with lower because the hat would have some visual weight at the top...kind of the same reason I wear either a necklace OR earrings but never both. Keep in mind I wear big jewelry. If you wear petite pieces you don't have to follow that rule. Keep your look from being too busy by letting one piece make a statement by itself instead of making earrings and necklaces have a shouting match for attention.) But I still felt like it was washed out. Too bland of a color palate for me.

Ah yes, bright orange shoes. Excellent!
But something still looked sloppy. I didn't like that I had no silhouette. Baggy tee and baggy pants= not the most flattering thing I've ever put on. The fix? A lil' shirt tuck in the front to establish my waist and bring it in. 

It satisfied my craving for the comfy pants yet reflected my personal style. 
That will do for a grocery day.


  1. SUCH a fan of the front tuck. Makes all the difference in the world!

    1. Kate you're not kidding!!!! I love it. :)