Wednesday, August 1, 2012

got mah hair did

I used to change my hair ALL THE TIME in college...and because of that I've had what I consider to be some great hair moments and some not so great moments. I don't ever need to re-create the look a roommate identified as the "punk rocker mullet." (The irony: she was trying to console me with that description!!!! It did NOT work.) That bad boy forced me to wear my hair back every. single. day. until it grew out. I'm not exaggerating. I have not ONE picture to prove the horror really existed anywhere other than in my head. Where it is welcome to stay, thank you very much.

And right now I'm loving my long hair. It's my favorite accessory- up, down, curls, braided, wavy, straight. Doesn't matter. I'm digging it. But I was tired of the same look. So I decided to embrace the ombre fashion while it lasted and made the jump. First time, I might add, that I have ever had a professional dye my hair.

The before:

 The after:

And this was on the drive home...not too shabby, is it? ;)

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