Tuesday, August 28, 2012

fall fashion

Well. Two days, a glass of red wine, a box of edamame, some Funyuns, countless pieces of Dove dark chocolate, and three gargantuan glasses of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice later-- I have finished InStyle's Fall Fashion Issue. And also, I have to pee.

Guys, it was glorious. I have been waiting for it to come out, desperately checking magazine racks every time I found myself at a store, because this year I ACTUALLY GET TO SHARE IN IT!!!!  {celebratory dance} Well, not the fall fashion, because we leave island Dec. 8...but winter fashion! And they are closely related. It counts. And I took notes, friends. You know how I roll- I shop by lists, figure out what I have and what I need, and decide what is true to my personal style. Coco Chanel said, "Fashion passes, style remains." and it's true. It feels good to be current but being fashionable isn't always flattering. Nor is it often timeless. Coco also said, "Fashion is made to become unfashionable." Rest at ease- I'm done quoting Chanel. Dreamy sigh.

So, I'll tell you what I took away from it. The beast is over 600 pages and I am obviously not going to recreate the entire thing but I'll tell you what made my list and what my top "must haves" are. There's one I'm pretty sure will be hated by most and a few that I think may get the "nice but not for me" polite head nod, but for the most part, I think it's a pretty fair list. Apply it to yourself in a way that's true to you!

The trends I want in on:
floral prints
animal print
leather, leather, and more leather
colored tights
smoking slippers/tuxedo flats
matchstick pants

The trends that I will carry over from previous seasons:
faux fur
mixed prints
bold pants
statement necklaces

The trends I want nothing to do with:
1)burgundy lips: because it makes you look aged
2)big coats: because they're unflattering and I think it's silly to wear [almost] anything that doesn't flatter you
3)crazy embellishments: because I'm happy to let my necklaces carry the metals on their own. My shirt doesn't need to be bling'ed out, too.

So I made my shopping list, but it may have to wait because I can't actually shop for these things until after December- unless my husband agrees to let me steal a few extra dineros from my upcoming styling gigs to use toward creating a winter wardrobe or Santa Clause comes early in the form of H&M upon arrival on the mainland... In my defense, I haven't had any form of a cold-weather wardrobe in almost 4 years {can you tell i've been rehearsing this "pity me" routine in front of the mirror? think he'll buy it? am I pathetic and yet somehow totally loveable and irresistible to the point of not being able to say no to?}- because of my decision I wrote about in this post. {gulp} NO REGRETS BABY!!!!!! DIE HARD!!!!!!!!!

.clearing throat. 

So my WISH list looks like this:
1. floral prints. This is the one I'm aware most are going to cringe at, just like I did, the first, second, and third  times I saw them! And then they broke me and I fell in love. Admission: they are already in my closet and waiting for their moment in the sun. Suspense over: I'm embracing the floral trend with flowered skinny jeans. Go ahead, judge me. But I'm telling you- a chambray shirt, some black heels, and a chunky bracelet or two are going to make you re-think the Judgy McJudgerson you just became.

2) menswear. It's been around for a while now. I'm hoping to find some kind of plaid or herringbone or tweed fabric in a blazer form that will make me happy. Especially when paired with an uber-feminine skirt. Like Maxine that I wrote about HERE!

3) animal print. I already have a pair of cute leopard print pumps with red heels {no-sadly, not the iconic kind of red heels} but I am combining animal print with smoking slippers and craving these beauties pictured below from Target! Smoking slippers are very similar {Click HERE} and either style can be worn, according to InStyle, as a "fresh alternative to ballet flats...playing well with minis and cropped pants...what not to pair them with? Wide-legged pants, long skirts, and tights."
4) equestrian. I already have a pair of black flat boots {proof that they're timeless: i've had these boots for 5 years, they have been in style every year since, and are STILL current. Cost per wear, HERE, in your face!} but I'd like to get a pair of light brown ones as well. I'm in no hurry and being very particular. In the meantime, if I happened to find a sweater like this along my journey, I wouldn't bat an eye. She'd be mine.
5) leather. I already have faux leather leggings from my time in California that haven't come out of their drawer since it's a death wish to wear material like that while in 80 degree weather, but I'm more than ready to bring them out!! But my newest "must have" piece was a leather motorcycle jacket. Notice I said "was?" That's because I have it!!! My girlfriend, Beck, found one at H&M and loves me enough to mail it 5k miles to a lonely gal on a tropical island. I'll show you a better picture later, but for now this will do:

6)colored tights. I also already have bright purple from my student teaching days. Wait....that was 6 years ago! LOL They have to be nas-T by now. So let me rephrase that: that I'll be buying NEW colored tights this year. I'm thinking a lime green and maybe a royal blue? And they will be brilliant under cute sweater dresses and trench coats.

7)matchstick pants. J.Crew calls them "cafe pants." Whatever, they're all the same. A pant that hits right at the ankle (not high enough to be cropped, not low enough to be regular-length pants}and, for this season, often comes patterned! They are perfect with a ballet flat and a bun. Tres chic.

So, I actually have a few things off the wish list already! I guess that leaves me with pair of matchstick pants, colored tights, a menswear blazer, and a smoking slipper/tuxedo flat. And a pair of chestnut brown flat boots when the perfect ones call to me, but if it takes a year or two to find perfection I'm okay with that. They will NEVER be out of style. I think that's a reasonable list, right?? ;)

What about you? What is YOUR wishlist for fall???? Assuming, of course, that we're still on speaking terms after that whole "flowered skinny jeans" fiasco....

(and babe, when you read this, I'm just kidding about the whole "buying more" joke. It was a good one, though, right??)


  1. So much to comment on! First, love the list! I'm still working through my monster In Style. I'm interested to see where my list stacks against yours! And, GO FOR THE FLORAL! I'm totally in on the floral pant trend. I haven't found any yet (hoping to knock out floral + matchstick together) but I'm sure they're out there. The Loft just came out with a new cut of pants, the Marisa Ankle, that are not too thin, not too short. You should check them out! And finally, a word to the wise on the Target shoes. Unless they have significantly changed those shoes - buyer beware! I bought a very similar pair a few months ago that turned out to be the MOST uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. I took them back. There was no breaking them in. It was a sad day.

    Good luck with your winter wardrobe! I love seeing what you come up with!

    1. Kate, thanks!! Glad you like it. It means a lot, coming from you. :)YOU have good style. I will head to the Loft to check out the Marisa Ankle!!! Thanks for the head's up! I love the Loft....Mmmm..... Also, good to know about the Target shoes. I'll avoid them. That's what has been holding me off from buying them every time I try them on- that, and they have a funky bend in them. But the price is so nice....darn!

  2. Ok, now I read it!
    I was ACTUALLY about to buy a pair or floral printed pants at Target the other day because I LOVED them and have been wanting some but I could not justify buying ANTHING right now and I've still been thinking about them for days. I already have the leather jacket as you know ;) Thanks again to your friend Beck! I totally agree that the equestrian thing is on my list and I love matchstick pants! but when I find them they are cut so straight that I cant even think about buying them. I'm not quite into the colored tights thing anymore because I did that a few years ago (as you did) and I think I overdid it then. I'm still over it now... I cant go back... yet...
    I do love menswear and I'm planning on getting a few more blazers, in different colors and textures for just that reason! I just got a classic black one for interviews but I cant wait to wear it with more items in my wardrobe for daily use (think white top, ripped denim, top-not bun and statement shoes). Otherwise I really want to find some more cute high-wasted skirts to go with leggings/tights/boots/everything. And I also want a pair of black boots because I have brown and grey right now. I need a good chambray still but have yet to find the perfect one, a new small cross-body bag (in a mint color!) and a pair of leather gloves (brightly-colored preferably; think jcrew last winter) and that will wrap up the winter clothing category. Otherwise I'm freshly stocked with scarves, leggings, over-the-knee socks, cute winter coats and jackets. Can't wait!

    1. Friend,
      1)love your list.
      2)we should go together to cross items off our lists!
      3)see #2.