Monday, August 6, 2012

brotherhood of the traveling chinos?

I have girlfriends who can buy their kid's clothes on amazingly small budgets. And I admire them greatly. In fact, I once tried to live within the budget rules one girlfriend lives on: no shirt shall cost more than $5 and no pants shall cost more than $8? $10? Doesn't matter. The point is I failed and failed miserably. I love clothes too much and can't find the duds that I'm happy with for that. That being said, I shop hard and there are only a few pieces that are extra special- the rest are wisely chosen. I did the rest of my shopping on Ebay, Amazon, and at the Carter's 40% off sale." In everything I do, I always have a budget before I start, I do what I can to stick to my budget, and it's a budget we can afford. **I've been really convicted on our journey the past few years as we learn to be wise with our money. It's a silly thing to go into debt for fashion. You may look good but you don't FEEL good when you dress beyond your wallet. That's why my purchases are very calculated and I'm forced to be creative. Sometimes not being rich is a blessing- it makes you learn how to re-use things in a new and creative way because you can't just go buy every whim and fancy. Many of my "name brand" things are really from Ebay- or take me months to save for. Learning what pieces are worth the investment and what pieces aren't has been a huge step for me.

Anyway. Back to toddler clothes!

I know two facts: 1)I have at least two boys who will wear the clothes and 2)my boys grow rather slowly, spending 5-6 months at least in the bigger sizes. So I decided I wanted to have a little more fun with their clothes. After all, I am the one who has to look at them every day! Why can't I love their clothes, too? Isn't that why we have kids? To dress them and have free labor???....

Here's a snapshot of my faves in the next size of clothes for Ro. (Liam has a Hawaiian wardrobe waiting for him in the next size up and I need to wait a little bit to see what winter pieces to add in. I'm not sure if he'll be walking or not, and I have this thing with onesies on walking peeps that I just can't get on board with... and walking or not walking will also determine what shoes/boots he needs. But his winter coat is purchased, a la ebay, and it's adorable.)I'm beyond excited that I get to buy things for cold weather!! I'm also LOVING that they make size 2T chambray shirts. <3 Daddy isn't the only one wearing bright red chinos any more ;) And do you SEE those googly-eyed monster rain/snow boots!? I mean...

Don't forget about this guy. He's gonna make many mornings a little funnier:

And I say boys need accessories, too.

Because THIS scenario doesn't seem to go over as well at church as it does at home. I don't understand why....

 Who doesn't love a little "nakey time?"


  1. For the record - I splurged on a $7 dress shirt for Levi the other day, but otherwise, I don't spend more than $3 PER ITEM, unless it's really really special. I usually hit the $1.50 mark, and Levi wears almost exclusively name brand things.

    Also, I just purchased a pair of red chinos for him for $2. Boo yah.

    In all fairness, I have some pretty amazing thrift stores nearby.

    1. Haha, Michelle, you WOULD post something like this. I shouldn't expect one who didn't share my "for all less than $200!" shopping scores the other day to share in my outfit post. lol ;)I was just coming back to edit and add the following:
      "That being said, I shop hard and there are only a few pieces that are special because the rest are wisely chosen. I did all the rest of the shopping on Ebay, Amazon, and at the Carter's 40% off sale." I still stick to my budget and it's a budget we can afford. But cheers to you for your red pants find. :)