Wednesday, June 13, 2012

life in pictures

Hello, new blog design!! My friend, Miranda, and I decided a few months ago that we would exchange services so that we could each benefit from each other, and after a little waiting and a lot of excitement, here we go! Welcome to the new and improved website, Its Becker Style 2.0! Woot, woot. If you're interested in having your blog redesigned, connect with Miranda here, at her blog "Our Nesting Place." She's a sweet gal who is very talented at giving you everything you ask for and more. Thanks, Miranda, for cleaning up around these parts. :)

It's time to do a little catch up on the Becker household, and since a picture can speak a thousand words, I'll post a few of the recent ones and let them do the talking:

1)little piggies are infinitely cuter than big pigs.

2)homemade whipped cream just tastes better when eaten off the spatula

3)my hunka hunka burnin love works hard and I'm proud of him. [he received a special award in his office and got to meet the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.]

4)cool luggage makes traveling way more fun
So do bright shoes, I might add. They're like lipstick for the feet!

On another note, it's halfway through June. When did that happen!??!


  1. Love your new blog layout! So fresh and shiny! :)

  2. I agree with katie! And Jerry never made his funny face for the picture! I'm sad!

    1. Thanks!! I love it too :):)
      Yeah you should rag on Jerr when you come over tonight!