Thursday, June 21, 2012

let's journey back, shall we?

It's funny- because of moving around so much (home: St. Thomas, college: Millersville, first job: Mathews, second job/marriage: Lemoore, third job/kids: Honolulu) I have friends who know me from certain parts of that journey but very few who know me from every part. That's one of the sweet things about marrying a guy who went to my high school- I live with the person who knew me in every part of the story thus far. I treasure that. :)

But I thought it would be fun to dig through my photo box and post some pictures from high school and all through the college years (you can follow the time by the length of my hair! ha!!). I think there are enough pictures on fb to pick up where these leave off. :)

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? I think you'll agree that Roman and I may be related:
minus the earrings ;)

High school, senior year. This is me with our friend Jared-

And Jerry with our friend Jalonna at prom. We had a group of 6 who did everything together and Jared, Jalonna, Jerry, and I were four of those six!
ah, youth!

Then came college, the early years:
oh it hurts.....what was I doing!?

Then college the middle years:

My "Jenny from the Block Years"-
 haha okay, I should explain that I didn't go crazy, this was for a solfege class group project. My name: Shanaynay. Seriously.

Then finally college, the late years....these were much better on the fashion front. LOL
 Just dating ;)

The engaged couple:

The wedding rehearsal dinner:
And the newly-married Mr. and Mrs. Becker

Between the hair cuts, the weight gain, and some terrible style, I've had enough "What was I thinking??" moments to last me a lifetime! Now that you've had a good laugh, just pick up your jaw and carry on...

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